Opening Day- 1/20/15

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Portland Soo Bahk Do held its grand opening on January 20th 2015 at the Blazers Boys and Girls Club.  Nearly 40 young people demonstrated the courage to start their Soo Bahk Do training.  They were rewarded with demonstrations from Camas Soo Bahk Do students, personalized instruction by senior instructors from Camas WA, Mt. Vernon WA, Anacortes WA, and Lake Oswego OR, and "Soo Bahk Do" chocolate cookies.

Transforming into Portland Soo Bahk Do

Day 1- 4:00 Class

Day 1- 5:00 Class

Soo Bahk Do Chocolate Cookies

Contraction Before Expansion

Expansion Before Contraction

Working the Front Stance

Good Discipline

Basic Defense

Basic Attack





























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